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Email Marketing Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

We have been talking about email marketing campaign and how to go about it in this real estate email marketing series.

Our desire is to see you start your email campaign and use it to grow your real estate business and make huge profits. As you learn these tips and strategies practice them, there is no benefit in just learning but in learning and practicing.

Fixing Your Deliverability Issues

There are times where you may experience deliverability issues with your email marketing.

Some of the problems that could cause it are as follows:

  • You may be sending emails to spam folders.
  • Your email marketing provider may be poor.
  • You may be having engagement issues.
  • You may be sending to spam traps.
  • Your contacts may be complaining of unwanted emails.
  • You may be having content-related spam scoring.

It may sometimes take you awhile to fix these issues but with diligence and the right information you will get over it and continue flying and engaging with your prospects.

Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation

Use benefits to increase open rates: Incentives or benefit-driven subject lines can increase open rates by as much as 50%. “The Best Places to Buy a Home Now, 10 Best Tips to Negotiating a Good Price” are examples of good benefit-focused subject lines.

Known spam keywords: You may not have known this but there are certain words that you should avoid using in your subject lines. Some of them are: urgent, win, free, deal, bargain, etc. These words over the years have been known to contribute to spam scores. Totally avoid these words there are better words to use to increase open rates that are safe.

Stick to Few type faces: A cluttered email will lead to increased bounce rate and even un-subscriptions. The less clutter you have in your email, the more engagement and conversion. Don’t junk up your email with too many type faces. You should use 2 or at most 3 typefaces.

Keep the main message and Call-to-Action above the fold: Your subscribers should not labor to find the message or the CTA. If the CTA falls below the fold, then as many as 70% of recipients won’t see it. Using 2 or 3 CTA in a message will ensure they don’t miss it at all.

Keep your email 500-650 pixels wide: Going wider than this will disfigure your email; your prospects will have to scroll horizontally to read your entire message. People may think you are unprofessional and lazy if you do that.

Put your logo in the upper left-hand side of the email: You will have to get a logo if you don’t have one. This tells your prospects you are a professional.

Eye tracking studies have discovered that people instinctively look for logos in the upper left-hand side of emails. Put your logo there to showcase your business and professionality.

The unsubscribe button: This allows email subscribers unsubscribe from an email campaign, whenever they choose to. If you don’t have one placed at the bottom of your mails and a prospect wants to opt out he or she may just report you as spam, that’s damaging to your business image.

Write compelling subject lines: Go for 30 to 50 characters in your subject line. Make it short but strong and compelling. It should create a sense of urgency, it should be benefit-driven, readers should have some indication of what to expect in email from the subject line.

Use auto-responders for opt-ins: Your subscribers may forget they opted in. Set up an auto-responder that reminds them they opted in to your email list. The auto-responder email should include a special content or bonus material to reward the prospect for opting in.

Test: Send a copy of the email to a friend or business associate. And ask for a feedback from them. If there is need to adjust anything do it promptly.

Stay with these tips and watch your real estate email campaign blossom. If you have questions or you need us to help you in your marketing campaign we will be glad to.

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