25 Reasons to Hire us

Romdale Marketing Services is a team of experienced, dedicated and excellent minded marketers with exceptional copywriting skills to serve clients and help them realize their business goals and objectives. We are always on the look out to serve our clients through the projects they bring to us to execute.

Here are some good reasons others have trusted us and you should too.

  • We always do our best to give you more than you paid for. The team ensures we over deliver on our promises.
  • Other Businesses, Companies and Non Profit Organizations (online and offline) like yours have trusted us so should you.
  • We have succeeded at other projects like yours so we are confident yours won’t be different.
  • We are committed to excellence and abhor mediocrity. We ensure our projects manifest this.
  • Hiring us is leveraging on our experience and expertise.
  • You have nothing to lose, only to gain hiring us.
  • Our clients enjoy free consultancy from us others pay for it.
  • Part of the bonus clients enjoy is a free creation or improvement on your business or product USP or Value Proposition.
  • Our core values are: Excellence, Service and Productivity. We bring these to bear in all projects we accept to execute.
  • The testimonials from satisfied clients prove we must be doing something right.
  • We do not seek to make money off our clients but to help you reach your business goals.
  • We stick with our clients after a project to see them achieve the desired results. If not we are willing to make necessary revisions until you see results.
  • We fashion out specific solutions for your business needs. We do not offer a blanket solution to every project before us.
  • Serving and satisfying our clients is something we are well known for by those who have tried us.
  • We must be doing something right for about 80% of our clients to be returning to us for other projects.
  • We are committed to your business growth and success. We succeed when you succeed.
  • We understand the industry – the competition, the cost of running a viable business, the cost of man power etc.
  • We understand the needs of business owners.
  • We do intensive and extensive research to produce our copies so it is not just persuasive but inspiring, educative, informative and up-to-date.
  • We listen twice as much as we speak to understand our clients’ needs and desires.
  • We understand very well the psychology and process of selling.
  • We are not all about helping you sell but also the integrity of your brand and your long term relationship with your customers.
  • We keep the deadlines. We try to never fail on this.
  • We strictly and religiously keep to clients specifications. Except otherwise stated.
  • We offer our expert advice to clients to guide their marketing decisions.

We are a team you will like to work with. We understand your marketing needs and are willing to go the extra-mile for your business. The team at Romdale is here for you to leverage on and move your business forward and upward.

Do you want us to help with your copywriting needs? Hire us today

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