How to Increase Your Sales Influence

It was a research experiment that many would have gladly volunteered for. Three behavioral scientists approached patrons at a local bar and asked them to evaluate two different beers. The first option was simply a regular beer, while the second option was regular beer with a few drops of balsamic vinegar. Prior to tasting, some of the participants were told the ingredients, while others were not told until after tasting. The results were that the majority of those who [...]


What is Your Prospect Thinking?

“Try not to think of a white bear.” This was the peculiar instruction given to participants in a research experiment led by behavioral scientist Daniel Wegner. Each participant was directed to sit quietly for five minutes and attempt to think about anything other than a white bear. The findings of this experiment, which were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, disclosed that in spite of their most valiant attempts to resist, the thoughts of the participants [...]


What is Your Sales Bottleneck?

Craig was an experienced sales person who was going through the worst selling slump of his career. His sales production had plummeted by over 50% and no one knew why. Craig had even met with his sales manager numerous times and had reviewed with him his entire sales presentation, but still nothing seemed to help. With each day that passed Craig was becoming more frustrated as his performance continued to decline. Craig had begun to believe that his situation [...]