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Content that Connects, Compels, Convince and Converts

Content is said to be king but to be more pragmatic not every content is king. Especially in this noisy world with countless content bombarding our screens, fiercely fighting for attention.

Content that is king today is that which vitally connects and ignites a passion, strikes a cord, mirrors the pains or desires of your prospects or audience. It’s only when your content can do this that it can be said to be king.

A king has power, authority and position. So is content that is truly king.

A kingly content is that which is powerful enough to convince and compel readers. Presents the author as an authority in the niche, market or industry. And it’s well positioned to rank high in all search engines.

This year, several businesses that have failed to recognize the importance of good web or online content marketing will join the dismal statistics of failed businesses. Businesses today make this mistake at their own grave risk. Beyond the advantages of SEO techniques, beyond the undisputable benefits of effective brand promotion and branding, and beyond the quality of products and services your website or online business offers, the single most decisive factor in deciding whether your enterprise fails or succeeds online today, is the quality, character and design of your content. That’s a period.

Now, we shall break this down. Yes, your website was designed by a top notch web developer. Yes, you have a firm of SEO Specialists constantly running interference and suggesting useful changes and periodic keyword optimization audits. Still, your website may still be underperforming in search rankings for a number of very basic reasons:

  • Search Engines rank web pages and not web sites. Conversely, many web developers tend to throw the full weight of the design effort at the landing page or home page. So, despite the many bells and whistles contained on your site, you may still be hitting just below the mark, for the simple reason that you do not have consistently upscale content spread all over your site.

  • Good writing does not always equal good web content. The Internet is a constantly evolving technology and the World Wide Web is a growing social environment, with its own language, customs and accepted norms. Do not forget that the web is also hinged on ever morphing algorithms. What this means is that web content writing is as much an Art as it is a pseudo-science. Techniques employed must be state-of-the-Art, efficient, and effective.

  • Compliance standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C are designed to ensure a uniform user experience across the many languages, styles, and national boundaries of the Internet and World Wide Web. Naturally, user experience is the gold standard of internet surfing, and companies rise or fall by the unique user behavior typical on and to their websites. Do not forget the single most important aim of having a website in the first place is to convert leads to sales. Your business stays afloat by making first money, and then a good profit. Good lead to sales conversion rates help your business do just that by carefully stage-managing every process of the route, and delivering your customer safely to a definite sale-click. Good web content first identifies the problem, and then systematically earns the trust of the user resulting in just such an outcome.

Why Do Companies Lack Effective Web Content Marketing?

When you put in perspective the significance of good online content marketing, it is a wonder that at present companies still fall short of this vital requirement to E-Business success. The reasons, while sometimes peculiar to each company, are also pretty generic, and include:

Copies that DON’T SELL!

Web or online content marketing has one principal goal. Getting the customer to make that purchase, or subscribe to that newsletter, or sign that petition, or whatever cause made the website owner(s) set up the site in the first instance. In getting to that point, a good copy will usually educate the user, identify his problem as well as identify the site as the solution, point out consequences of delay, show other satisfied customers, and finally and most importantly, call them to the action of making a commitment by purchasing.

A copy that aborts anywhere along this route is ineffective, and ultimately a bad copy. That copy will fail to convert that lead and will probably not sell that product, service or appeal. The writing of good web copy that results in good web or online content marketing is a job that not everyone is called to. When the website has the right web content writer in place, the results are usually stellar.

Overly technical content (Not User friendly)

Let’s face it, whether your business is designing rocket engines or making the perfect burger, each one has its own set of business jargon, which sounds like Greek to the rest of the world. Many companies working outside the supervision of a web content writer make the classic error of mistaking jargon for perfection. While a highly technical expose of your unique approach and method may make perfect sense to a few experts, the average user or customer won’t wait to run from the headache that site is producing. They want to know what you can do for them in as simple and as straightforward a language as possible.

Not placing themselves in the Customer’s position

Every website is different and serves a different niche of humanity. The needs of a Homemaker looking for washing machine detergent powder will contrast markedly from a manufacturer out for the best machine tool or part. Good web copy places itself smack in the position of that customer, and speaks to their needs in terms of pricing, availability of product or service, any add-on benefits such as bonuses, discounts and such like, and so on. Links must be direct and lead to the right landing pages, and information must be sectionalized in sub groupings that lead the different sub-groups of users to their respective needs. Good web copy is respectful of the user’s time and is both efficient as well as organized.

Writing web content by themselves

Unbelievably a lot of business owners will go the dubious route of creating web content for themselves and their site, with nothing more in the way of skills or qualification than a vague sense of “how it is done” derived from a cursory look at a similar website. Needless to say, that just won’t cut it in today’s highly dynamic and competitive online market.

Copywriters are a lot of things, as they need to adapt to an ever changing online landscape. So they are researchers, they are users, marketers, SEO Specialists, and Social Media Strategists, just to name a very few. These and other skills and competencies coalesce to produce the perfect writer for a web or online content marketing drive. Businesses that then choose to develop content for their sites fail, ultimately to their detriment, to take full advantage of this critical resource.

Poor Research

While it is natural that the business owner knows the business inside and out, that does not equate with being an authority in writing copy that works for its online presence. Keyword optimization, constantly shifting consumer behavior and user experience, these and more are tools a professional copywriter keeps a sharp eye on at all times to deliver well balanced, effective web content for that site or business. Often times, the requirements to achieve this includes specialized research, bearing these in mind. Good research done the right way will unearth the trend of that sector at the current time, and the best way to leverage on the business’s strengths to finally produce a unique and effective copy for its use.

How Can Your Business Turn This Around?

Fortunately, companies like Romdale Marketing Services exist to make passing the marketing buck much easier for online businesses. Web marketing companies apply varied tools and platforms to ensure your website achieves effective SEO or Search engine Optimization, consistently has a high rate of leads-to-sales and clicks-to-customers conversion, and overall exposure of your brand in a highly efficient and cost effective manner. A good web marketing companies wears many hats, all necessary to achieve success in the job:

Efficient Audio-Visual Communicators

Web contentment marketing teams understand the aural and visual capabilities of the Internet and the World Wide Web. They understand the power of well phrased words and sentences, pictures and other graphics, videos and music to heighten user experience and make the browsing experience pleasurable and ultimately satisfying. Whether the job calls for strategic social media campaigning using well placed copy enhanced by graphics, or the approach requires a more traditional method, web marketers know the right tool and platform to put your business in the front ranks.

Friends of the Business

A satisfied, successful online business client is one more feather in the cap of an online marketing company. At Romdale Marketing Services we habitually refuse to follow the industry practice and bill customers by the hour. This is because our benchmark is not the time spent on any job, but the satisfaction of the client, and the real growth the business begins to show as a result of our input.

Online content marketing teams put to use their years of experience, copywriting and design skills, research efforts, as well as technical competencies such as periodic content audits to make certain the client company consistently stands out in search engine rankings, and is thus seen as a powerful presence in the industry.

SEO Specialists

Businesses compete fiercely in this already noisy and crowded online environment. As such, it is not enough to have just good products and services, or even great content about your products and services.

When SEO best practices are carefully utilized in your content marketing efforts, the website under review has a good showing consistently on the first pages of search engine results page (SERP).

Web content marketers make certain they are current with the always changing algorithms of the web in order to be efficient every day of the week.

What You Get

The benefits of structured and strategic online content marketing are legion. A few critical ones include:

  1. A guaranteed improvement in search engine rankings in the medium to long term. Recollect that in recent times the performance of most online businesses in search engine initiated searches can make or break a business. Great web based marketing produces copy that is SOE friendly and ultimately effective.

  1. A guarantee that your website will meet all professional Internet standards including being W3C Compliant. This also includes the overall placing, design and non-technical configuration of your website. The object is to achieve a website easy on the eyes and enhanced to give each user an all round good experience.

  1. Users will find navigation of your website easier and more productive. This should expectedly lead to follow up visits and a loyal customer base.

  1. Your website will see a markedly improved leads-to-sales as well as clicks-to-customers conversion rate. Every facet of the customer journey from landing page to purchase button will be structured in a manner to ensure the customer does get to that final buy button and makes the purchase.

  2. Position you as an authority in the field.

  3. Expose your brand image.

  4. Market your product or service.

Many businesses make the fatal error of starting on the wrong footing as regards their effective web presence. For many, a complete and expensive overhaul has been required to mend the damage done. Getting a competent online marketer helps the avoidance of such an error with all its attendant risks.

What are you Waiting for?

No business today can afford the danger of being less than optimal as far as online content marketing is concerned. That the market and the customer base is out there has been proven time and time again. A well planned and executed online marketing campaign will bring in the benefits which include an expanded customer base, stronger web presence, and overall business success and good health.

Stop wasting money on content that don’t produce any tangible or lasting results. Go for true kingly content that connects, compels, brands, positions and converts.

The time to launch that online content marketing campaign is really now.


Romdale Marketing Services is strategically placed to offer informed, up-to-date, and effective content marketing services. Our input will give your business the vital push it needs not just to survive but to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment. We will advise as well as implement an all embracing, effective online content marketing strategy tailored to the scope, vision and character of your business.

Get in touch now, so we can begin the conversation which leads us to better understand your needs and how best we can meet them.

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