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Email Marketing that Really Works

If you have ever followed a link in your inbox, whether you did or didn’t actually solicit for it, then you are living proof that email marketing really is a thing, and it works too!

Email marketing is a targeted marketing tool which utilizes the sending of electronic mail to specifically chosen recipients, who could be customers or intending customers. This strategy uses analytics and user design to preselect, target, approach, and track the response of recipients. It is one of the most effective marketing tools to get new customers, or keep old ones engaged. The technique is thus used to:

  • Engage existing customers in order to ensure brand loyalty, and turn them into repeat buyers.

  • Acquire new customers through direct soliciting of their patronage.

  • Advertise new and old products and services, promotions, and so on.

Email marketing is an old mainstay of the digital marketing sector and for good reasons. It is widely regarded as being second only to search marketing in terms of efficiency and accuracy. The advantages of marketing via email include:

  • It is measurable: One can quickly keep a fairly accurate track on the response of an email marketing effort. So it is easy quantify an almost exact ROI or return on investment.

  • Market Potential: The market potential is huge due to the fact that most working adults and students patronize some sort of email service. This equates to billions of people who can be reached via email.

  • Cost Effective: It is cheaper than many other marketing methods, digital online marketing approaches included.

  • Programmable: Transactional emails permit automatic responses to programmed consumer behavior such as purchases, or a switch to a competing brand.

Now any good home appliances salesman knows once they ask you in, the job is half done, and this is what email marketing does for you. It takes you over the threshold, and gives you the cover of a welcome visitor. If your email newsletter is good, well worded and designed, chances are good that it will be looked at. What more could a marketer ask for? A sale, right?

This is where it gets a little warm around the collar for our salesman, for in recent times email marketing has not remained as effective as it used to be, owing to some factors. Do you find yourself having this problem? Well, don’t panic just yet, help is around this corner.

What is the Problem?

Why is email marketing as an advertising solution currently lacking in the kind of predictable results it used to guarantee? There are a number of causes for this:

  • Spam: Email services currently have efficient spam filters which identify and reject bulk, unsolicited emails or spam. Even when emails are Opt-in, meaning that the receiver has given permission for it to be sent, such an email may still end up in the spam folder. Spam folders are habitually automatically deleted after a set number of days, usually 30 days. Currently, 70% of emails are regarded as Spam.

  • Volume: The sheer volume or number of emails an average person gets in the course of a working week is daunting. That being the case, only a few make it to the top and are actually opened and read. It can be a tedious uphill task making certain that your business’s emails make that list on top of the pile.

  • Apathy: Users or customers apathy is another reason for the declining power in email efficacy. Customers are simply jaded and also perhaps sated from information overload. Certain kinds of emails are routinely ignored, irrespective of their content. The market employing these means must significantly up his game to get over and past this real obstacle.

What is the Solution?

Colin Nederkoorn, founder of Customer.IO, considers emails still the most effective way to reach customers who have an interest in your product, service, or site. To that, we may add that email works well on new and intending customers also. Given the underlying factors that hamper and limit the value of email marketing however, what is the best way to properly maximize the obvious potentials of this marketing tactic?

Dave Chaffey is the author of five successful business books including Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice; He is also the co-founder and content director of online marketing advice publisher Smart Insights. CRITICAL is a digital marketing strategy tool devised by him, which offers a clear cut modus operandi to arrive at an effective email marketing strategy. The letters of this mnemonic device stand for:

  • Creative: Like any other marketing tool which operates in the intensely visual environment that is the Internet, newsletters, promotion copy, and offers offered via email must in design, layout and graphics show a pleasing balance of color, form, and overall aesthetics. Where possible, there should also be options for the way the customer chooses to view the email, via HTML or plain text for instance, and/or a choice for the selection of music or video.

  • Relevance: You need to keep a sharp eye on the relevance of your brand to your targeted recipient. The whole magic of email is its ability to accurately target the intended or old customer. You must take advantage of this by personalizing the email as much as is possible. Customers must recognize the email as a welcome response to real needs or wants at the current time. This of course connotes and implies efficient UX or User design, customer research, and various analytic tools.

  • Incentive: WIIIFM (What is in it for me?) is a question that will continually run through the recipient’s mind and cannot be emphasized enough. Your email must provide real information or instruction of benefit to the customer at that time or in the near future. Customers who feel a personal need or issue is being addressed by the email are most likely to respond to links provided.

  • Timing: Like the ancient Chinese sages did, find an auspicious time to send out your emails. Don’t send emails at lunch time, or in the evening near the close of a tiring, activity filled work day. Night is also a no-no most times. Naturally, timing is relative and must be calculated to suit the particular recipient. A night clerk would be happy to read that email at the beginning of his shift at 11 P.M. to take a case in point. Remember, it’s all about targeting.

  • Integration: Make your email marketing campaign a component of the overall marketing strategy for your business. Email techniques must address areas of lack in other marketing approaches and leverage on its own strengths to deliver an all round sound campaign. Therefore make sure your email not just complements but links up seamlessly with other ongoing marketing initiatives.

  • Copy: The quality of content is always key. It is still advertising after all. Copy here does not only mean the superiority of the writing but also refers to the excellence of the total presentation. Do not be afraid to buck trends, keeping one eye always on the characteristics of the customer. Also remember to be as current as the News. Readers appreciate content with social value, meaning content that gives them an appearance of intelligence or taste such as can be produced by sharing News or information that is not yet common. Design must take UX or user design in mind. Consider your emailed newsletter a mini version of your website, which must give a general impression of all your goodies at a glance.

  • Attributes: This talks about the structural properties of your email which include subject heading, addresses to and from, any header in the email itself and perhaps time of receipt. Good research is called for to steer clear of features which customers would normally regard as spam or as offensive material.

  • Landing Page: This is the whole essence of email marketing, which is targeting. This closing part of the strategy advocates that your links send the customer exactly where you need them to be. Actionable information must be in place at the end of that link to convert that lead to a confirmed sale.

Help for You

A competent Digital marketing service is a vital necessity for effective email marketing strategies to be conceptualized and then implemented. Marketing services have quantifiable experience at predicting and leveraging on customer behavior using a variety of tools. Romdale Digital Marketing Services is a firm that will handle your email campaign script to screen, guaranteeing assessable results in a cost effective timeline on a competitive budget.

Why Email Marketing will benefit your Business

If executed maximally, email marketing is still the number two way of presenting your business to the most people in an effective, result oriented manner. A recap of the highlights of this marketing tool:

  • Accuracy: Emails can be targeted at specific groups or individual customers. You can deliver a tailor made strategy to the right customer, significantly increasing the chances of converting that customer.

  • Cost Effectiveness: On a comparative analysis, the marketing strategy shows a great disparity in cost when lined beside other digital or traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Even when you factor in the expense of contracting a professional service, your company should still enjoy a good cost advantage.

  • Permits Measurability: One of the beauties of email marketing is its amenability to measurement and verification using analytics. This factor is crucial so companies can, in a short time, see the ROI of these tactics, and then plan the next phase as a consequence. It also makes for razor sharp responses to unforeseen shifts in customer behavior, enabling an adjustment in method or approach.

  • The numbers involved in marketing by means of emails are drool worthy. Due to the real fact that most adults in a working capacity and students as well have an email account, the marker finds that the potential market reach is in the hundreds of millions if not billions.

What other companies are doing

In businesses all over the world, the power that email approaches lend to marketing strategies is being continuously harnessed to build good and enduring customer-business relationships. Companies like Marriott International, Buzz Feed, and Uber have consistently utilized the power of this tool to become market leaders in their industries. Despite the continued challenges of getting the tactic right, more and more companies continue to design and use campaigns that have emails front and center, as the means to deliver their pitches.

A Promise of Excellence

Email marketing is guaranteed to take the right message to the right customer in a cost effective manner. The process of creating that message and identifying that customer is however the challenge. Done right, this tactic can leverage on the enormous potentials to convert large groups to a particular brand. Naturally there is both a right way and a wrong way to do this. A systematic and creative plan as outlined above will always yield commendable results.

Take a Moment

The chances of success for an email marketing tryout in today’s apathetic customer environment may not be as glowing as one would otherwise think. Overlooked factors can cause a campaign to go bust before it can reap the rewards of a firm clientele base. According to, 70% of emails are considered Spam. Care must be taken therefore in crafting out the right design, approach, timing, and content which together will present a formidable email strategy, while complementing other ongoing marketing overtures.

In Closing

Email marketing gives a business the opportunity to forge those unshakable customer to business engagements that are the goals of all companies. At the same time, because of its close and personal nature, that opportunity may also damage just that relationship- even before it has begun.

Skill and care is necessary to make certain the email arrives in the customers’ inbox and not their spam folders, with just the right balance to ascertain it is read, understood, and able to ultimately convert the recipient into a definite buying customer. The objective is to make the email not just welcome, but frequently expected. When your email does arrive in that inbox, the customer must be glad to hear: “You’ve got mail.”

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