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Fresh and inspiring ideas for real estate email marketing campaign

Real estate email newsletters are a win-win. They benefit your company and your prospects alike. An email newsletter gives you an opportunity to send targeted message to an already captivated, qualified audience.

From when someone expresses interest to when they actually make a purchase can be a long time. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to keep the prospect engaged until he or she fully makes up his mind to buy or sell.

A viable email marketing campaign will do the following for you:

It will establish you as an expert
It will build relationship and trust with prospects
It will increase your sales
It will engage and get your subscribers interacting with you.

Prospects want to know much more than just the “sticker price” for a house but unfortunately that’s all you hear about in real estate marketing today.

I’m not an agent, but the sort of stuff I want to know when I’m thinking of buying or selling a house are the following:

Home buying tips: You know much more than the average man around about buying and selling a house. Why not share that information with them.

Your readers will sure be glad to have information like these ones for free:

  • Beyond mortgage – the total cost of owning the property.
  • Financing – The best tips and options to go for.
  • How to choose the right agent


  • Home buying negotiation tips

Best places to buy your home

Share success stories from your customers: The largest financial transaction that most people will make in their life time is buying or selling a house. This makes it kind of scary. Nobody wants to work hard and loose everything through a silly mistake or scam.

Answer their questions: The average Joe has several questions about buying and selling a house.

Do a post to answer these questions. Some customers may even come up to you and ask questions. If a customer asks a question you can be sure several others have that same question in their heart. A question and answer newsletter series will be great.

Keep them informed about market trends: Share with them the role interest rates, foreclosure rates, unemployment, seasons, and other factors play in influencing the housing market.

Best Places to Buy a Home: The distance from work place is one major factor that determines where most people buy houses. But other factors to consider include:

  • The cost of housing in a locality
  • Age of community (some people will prefer an area with lots of children because of their own children.)
  • The Income status of residents (some people may want to know if they will fit in the socio-economic status)
  • The quality of public services like Education, Water, Sewer, Parks etc.

All of these and more are things you can write about in your newsletters. Your subscribers will truly appreciate this help.

Photo news: Images are powerful and a very effective way of communication. They capture attention and boost interest. You can also use good images with all the ideas mentioned here or use them alone. Send a collection of beautiful images of your listing from time to time. Don’t overdo this.

Surveys, polls, and feedback: Ask your subscribers what they would want you to cover. You may be amazed to see how many ideas that will come out from doing this. Nobody knows what your subscribers want like themselves so why not ask them to tell you so you can serve them better.

Blog excerpts: If you have a blog (which you should) and you have lots of awesome content on it, share excerpts in your newsletter from time to time such as “Most Popular Blog Posts This Month” or “5 Posts You Should Read” with links back to the blog. This will educate your subscribers and increase traffic on your blog which could lead to them sharing your content on social media – resulting to more traffic and subscribers.

Home maintenance tips: Closing the deal is not where the process of owning a home ends. It’s actually where it got started. The next phase is home maintenance.

Teach them how different materials and amenities in a house can affect how they enjoy their new home. Talk about things like: Quantity and Types of Window, Flooring, Wallpaper, Inter Paint, Paneling, Heat (Forced Air, Baseboard, Radiator, Gas, Oil, Electric, Roofing, Plumbing etc.

Your subscribers will sure appreciate all these information coming to them free into their inbox and you will be the first they will think of when they need the services of an agent. They will even recommend you to friends, neighbors and relatives.

Other ideas you can consider are special offers, case studies, interviews, statistics or info graphics. Stay tuned for the next post.

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