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How i Remove ‘Buyers Block’ in my Copy

You are about to enter my office and see how I execute clients projects.

Buyers Block is a term i coined that means the mental and psychological resistance to an offer. Naturally the stance we have to any new offer is an unconscious resistance except otherwise proven by the marketer or product.

These steps are applied to all the services we offer, though not every step mentioned here may be applicable to all. Here I high light only the major things I do that really stand me and our company out and converts well.

Before I Accept the Deal

  • Does the product, service or deal violate our core values?
  • Listen carefully to my client to get to the core of their desire.
  • Ask questions where I need clarifications.
  • Absorb the ideas and information gathered.

After I Accept the Deal

I ask myself these questions; If I were the prospect:

  • What will make me buy this product?
  • What will make me not buy it?
  • What is in this for me?
  • Is the price too high?
  • Can I get it somewhere else?
  • Is this a scam?
  • Has this worked for somebody else?

After this I then do research, the research depends on the kind of project. I gather all needed before beginning to write. My style of persuasion is not in using words to cajole, twist and manipulate but to inform, educate and inspire. One key area I always research on is the audience the project is for. If you don’t know your audience you can’t really sell to them.

I then take time brainstorming over these questions and writing down clearly all my answers. When I begin to write the sales copy I ensure to carefully answer all these questions with clear points and proofs. Actually these questions are the reason a prospect may not buy the product so I remove the block by answering those questions as I write. My success here is what makes my sales copy the bomb.

I ensure my writing is strong enough to clear every doubt, remove every friction, fear, confusion and distractions to listen to me and take the action I intend they take. I write to inspire and motivate action not to deceive or manipulate. Here at Romdale Marketing Agency we sell with integrity. We practice transparent marketing.

I Use Strong Persuasive Headlines

I use the headline to compel the prospect to open an email, read my sales page, newsletter, blog post, social media post etc. There are millions of adverts seeking the attention of your prospects. Everything around is calling for our attention. Only an outstanding and strong attention grabbing headline will cause the prospect to stop and give your ad, email, sales copy etc that golden attention you want. Until you get the attention of a prospect you can’t sell to him. So I put in so much time and creativity here. I know very well that I only have 7 seconds to get attention with my headline so I use that golden moment well. This has worked well over the years.

I Put Myself in the Prospects Shoe

I assume myself as the prospect and write to bring down anything that will stand as a hindrance for me to buy the product or opt-in. After all they are flesh and blood like me.

Study my Prospects

If you don’t know who your prospective customers are you can’t attract them. I take time to find out their major problems and show them how this product solves that problem perfectly. I find out the best way to communicate with them, the best way to get their attention and market to them.

I Educate and Inspire the Prospect

I do what I call educational selling. I don’t try to force them to buy, I just make them see why this is perfectly for them. I show them by appealing to their reasoning and emotions why the price for the product (if it’s a product) is just okay and why the product will solve that particular problem. In simple words I help them see value in the product. In ensure the value they perceive far outweighs the cost of the product.

Call to Action

The Call to Action must come at the right time. And the right time is when you have been able to educate, inform, and inspire the prospect with the right words. When they have clearly seen the value of what you are selling that is when you introduce the buy. Do you ask a lady’s hand in marriage the first day you meet?

Extra Eye Balls

When I finish I get the team members to look at it and also get 1 or 2 neutral persons see it and let me know their conclusion. The idea is to come out with a perfect work ready to convert bringing in the leads and sales. This step may not seem necessary to some persons but our commitment to excellence knows no bound. Our commitment to our client’s success cannot be overlooked. Whatever it takes to produce the best results we are ready to do.

I also do not forget to strictly and religiously adhere to the client’s specifications except in the case where the client allows us to use our discretion in executing a project. We have some clients who allow us use our expertise to execute their project. In any case we always avail our expert advice to all our clients as we sit to discuss their project.

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