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We offer customized solution(s) for your business challenges. One shirt does not fit all. We listen to you carefully and run a basic check on your business website, products and/or marketing campaign to discover the money leaking or money hindering hole and then design a working solution.

Romdale is simply committed to your business goals and objectives. We want to see you excel and make global impact. Henry Ford did it, Steve Jobs did it, Jack Ma did it, Bill Gates did it. So why not you?

Scan carefully through our services and see what we do and find out how you want us to come in and help in your marketing efforts. If you’re not really sure of what to exactly do to rejig your business – we can help. We are here for you.

We can help your online or offline marketing campaign in any of these areas and more:

Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting

Set the stage for a great site experience that prompts conversions.

Category Page: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting

Rewrite the main web pages, such as About, Services, Subscribe etc.

Product Page: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy

Generate more traffic and sales for each specific product or service.


Maintain customer loyalty with regular issues filled with tips and offers.


Succinctly and clearly explain how a product/service benefits prospects.

Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence

Reduce abandon rates due to confusion or too many steps

Banner Ad or Text Ad

Drive the most visitors to specific discounts or other promotion pages.


Keep visitors coming back and support SEO strength with fresh copy.

Blog Post

Single, topic-specific blog posts, written for readers and SEO.

Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series

Continuously generate new traffic with ongoing, strategic posts.

Online Sales / Landing Page for Single Promotion

Generate leads and sales with professional, conversion-focused copy.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Adwords Campaign

Break through search clutter and drive traffic to specific online sales / landing pages.

Stand-alone Email

Reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations etc.


Maintain customer loyalty with regular issues filled with tips and offers.

Social Media Ad Campaign

Attract Likes, Shares, and conversions with super-targeted social ads..


Answer common questions asked by customers.

We help create or audit and improve your Unique Selling Proposition/Position (USP) for FREE for all our clients.


Free consulting for your business. Our rates are not the cheapest in the industry but you won’t have to break the bank to achieve your business goals with us.
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