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Setting up a Real Estate Facebook Business Page

Setting up a business page for your real estate business is easy and fun. I will take you through all the process here. You can’t miss with this step by step guide.

The Type to Choose

You have the option of choosing between these two types of Facebook business page: Local Business or Company. This usually confuses some folks. For you as a realtor the best option to choose is “Local Business”.

Your business is basically local but in case you decide to change it later, you still can do that. You aren’t stuck with that option.

Naming the Business Page

Decide on the name you want to use beforehand. I usually recommend people using the name of their website. If the domain name is not branded to your liking then you can use your name – Dan Moses – Realtor.

About Yourself and Business

You should select some good and related categories like: real estate agent, real estate service, after which you should fill the “about page”. Summarize in two or three sentences what your page is about. Ensure you highlight clearly your value proposition.

Your prospects should know the value you bring to the table. It could be in your experience, your expertise in a niche, your network etc. just make sure its something that sets you apart from all others.

Business Photo

If your name is what you used as the business name then the right photo to use should be a picture of your headshot. Using your head shot has a big advantage. It makes your prospects see you as a person to relate with and not just an institution. Looking like a real person will make you much more approachable.

Add a Cover Photo

If you don’t have one that will be suit your business you can easily create one on

Adding Your Favorite

You shouldn’t forget to add the page to your favorites – doing this will make it easier for you to find the page whenever needed.

If you don’t do it, it means you will have to use the search box to find it. You can also bookmark the Facebook business page in your favorite browser. It’s just for you to be able to access the page quickly whenever needed.

Who Do You Want to Attract

Who are your audience? Who do you want to attract? Who is the page for? Set up the audience you’re interested in attracting to your business page. Select your City/State. When you do this you will see a map and icon appear.

You can leave the other fields blank because filling them means narrowing the queries you will appear for in a Facebook search.

Now You Are Well Setup

You have now successfully setup your Facebook Real Estate Business Page. Take time to inspect it, and add any additional information you think should be there.

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