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The Power of a Landing Page

The key player in modern day digital marketing is Landing Pages. These pages provide specific and to the point information about a particular offer, program or service. Landing pages are used to reduce bounce rate by channeling and engaging people in a transaction without any distraction. They are essential to real estate agents, ecommerce store owners, financial product businesses, SaaS businesses, and just any online business. What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a page that exists to entice potential [...]


Writing the “About Us” Page that Speaks Your Brand and Converts

One of the most important page on your business website is the ‘’about page’’ but unfortunately it is the most neglected. If it is given the right attention your online business will be better for it. Understanding the About Page The ‘’about page’’ is where your prospects come to meet you. They want to know who they are sending their details or money to. They want to know you. People do business with people not with objects like your website. On your [...]