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Why a Good Sales/Marketing Copy Content May Not Convert Maximally

Copywriting and consulting for clients from different places around the world has taught me some things about writing copy and positioning it for high performance. I have learnt more by experience than any formal learning i have had to undergo. One of the lessons I’ve learnt is that a well written sales or marketing copy may just end up not performing at all. A perfectly written copy is not a guarantee for high conversion rate. When this happens some clients [...]


How i Remove ”Buyers Block” in my Sales Copies

You are about to enter my office and see how I execute clients projects. Buyers Block is a term i coined that means the mental and psychological resistance to an offer. Naturally the stance we have to any new offer is an unconscious resistance except otherwise proven by the marketer or product. These steps are applied to all the services we offer, though not every step mentioned here may be applicable to all. Here I high light only the major things [...]