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What Causes Low Sales?

In the profession of sales we have an alarming problem: many of the most commonly used and taught sales behaviors have been scientifically shown to drive down performance? For example, astudy published in the Harvard Business Review, analyzed the sales calls of 800 sales people. The results were that only 37% of the sales people exhibited behaviors that increased the likelihood of the sale. The remaining 63% behaved in ways that actually obstructed the sale from occurring. The sales people featured in the study are not alone. Frequently, when [...]


How i Remove ”Buyers Block” in my Sales Copies

You are about to enter my office and see how I execute clients projects. Buyers Block is a term i coined that means the mental and psychological resistance to an offer. Naturally the stance we have to any new offer is an unconscious resistance except otherwise proven by the marketer or product. These steps are applied to all the services we offer, though not every step mentioned here may be applicable to all. Here I high light only the major things [...]