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Why a Good Copy may not Convert Maximally

Copywriting and consulting for clients from different places around the world has taught me some things about writing copy and positioning it for high performance. I have learnt more by experience than any formal learning i have had to undergo.

One of the lessons I’ve learnt is that a well written sales or marketing copy may just end up not performing at all. A perfectly written copy is not a guarantee for high conversion rate. When this happens some clients feel you may have written a bad copy. But it’s not always so. There are external and internal or off-site and on-site factors that influence performance.

There are factors that influence the conversion of a copy. A copy does not just perform well because it was written perfectly. Sometimes a perfectly written copy may not perform well for the following reasons:

On-site Factors

  • The font size on the page
  • The page speed
  • The timing
  • The payment process/method
  • The quality or length of the lead generation form
  • The color used on the copy
  • The eye path on the copy
  • The columns on the page
  • The length of the copy. Too long or too short.

Off-site Factors

  • Traffic quality
  • The prospects perception of the brand

The best way to know if a copy is good is to test it. After all is said and done if a copy is not tested we may never know if it will convert or how much it will convert. A copy may be converting at 150% but it could still be improved by testing and tweaking. Sometimes just a tweak on the headline, the page color, the call-to-action text etc. may increase the conversion rate.

No matter how good a copy is performing it can be improved after some time. The reason is a copy that may be performing greatly now may deep after some months or years. So you may still need to tweak or optimize that sales copy, landing page, home page etc. from time to time. It is not a total overhaul just optimization except if it’s totally under performing. All online business owners should note this.

I have seen that clients pay more attention on a perfectly written copy and forget about the other factors that may affect the conversion of a copy. A copy is not good because of it perfect grammar. A copy is good because of its conversion rate. While I ensure to produce perfect copy my goal is the conversion rate.

It is best to have a full optimization of your business website to ensure everything is working in consonance to the desired conversion. Optimize the design of the page, the payment process and method, the brand of the company etc. A poor brand will make a great copy underperform. Customers will only see the good and persuasive copy as a ploy to manipulate and swindle them for their details or money.

My understanding of this is why I don’t bolt away after writing a copy for my clients. I stay back to see how my copy is performing (some clients don’t want this surprisingly but most do). When there is need to come in and make necessary modifications I do it with smiles. My goal is to see my clients happy with their results.

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